Are you ready for the new water market?

Are you ready for the new water market?

What’s happening?

Later this year, in April, the English water market will be deregulated and fully opened up to competition. It’s at that point that all businesses in England (and Scotland following a previous deregulation) will have the freedom to choose a water retailer that best suits their needs. The new competitive water market will bring fantastic opportunities for businesses to improve their water efficiency and reduce costs, they should also see an improvement in service levels.

How can you get ready for competition?

Many businesses don’t pay as much attention to their water bill as they do to their other utility bills and as a result many could be paying too much. The run up to the opening of the water market is a perfect opportunity to better understand your businesses water bill and make sure that you’re being charged correctly. This will put you in an excellent position if you are considering switching to another water retailer from April.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re prepared for market opening:

Make sure your water bill is correct: Is your water bill is accurate and do you understand your water usage? Make sure you check what your current charges are and which tariff you are on. You could also take a look at your historical water consumption to see if it highlights any inefficiencies.

Get a better understanding of your water data: Is your water data accurate and up-to-date? Do you know where the water pipes and meters are on your site? And do you know what your meter numbers are and have a record of recent meter readings? It would also be worth checking if you have any flow loggers installed and whether you have visibility of the information for monitoring trends and usage.

Carry out a water audit: Now is also a good time to carry out a water audit to understand your water consumption and to check for any leaks or inefficiencies that might be driving your usage up.

Decide what’s best for you: Each water retailer will be offering slightly different packages with some also having expertise in certain sectors. If you’re looking to switch it’s worth understanding what each water retailer is offering before making a decision.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the water market deregulation then you can get in touch with a member of our team on 0330 1343360 or email us on

You can also find out more about the upcoming changes to the non-household water market on the following websites:

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