Effectively managing water across multiple sites

Case study: City FM

By working in partnership we have helped City FM to effectively manage water throughout one of their key clients estates.

With such a large estate and a high number of stores it’s vital that water is managed efficiently. City FM know that it’s important to identify any leaks or unusual water usage immediately to avoid a high water bill. The longer a leak goes undetected the more money goes down the drain, that’s why City FM closely monitors their client’s water usage.

If they identify any unusual peaks we help to diagnose the cause and send out a find and fix team to repair the problem. It’s through City FM’s monitoring of their clients water usage and our efficient find and fix leakage services that City FM has been able to save their client money.

By providing City FM with a range of specialist water services we make sure that they can react quickly to any leaks or inefficiencies, helping them to manage their clients estate efficiently and effectively.

” We’ve been working with Three Sixty and the Kelda Group for over 10 years providing a national find and fix service. They’ve been invaluable in supporting us to control water usage and costs.”

Gavin Redmore, National Energy Manager
City Facilities Management (UK) Ltd

How can we make water work for you?

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