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Case study: Hope Construction Materials

When the warning light came on, we acted swiftly to stop a potentially disastrous leak at Hope Construction Materials (now part of Breedon Group)’s quarry.

Water is essential to business. That’s why we work closely with Hope Construction Materials (now part of Breedon Group), Britain’s largest independent supplier of cement, concrete and aggregates, to make sure that the water network at their quarry is up and running at all times. When we noticed that their water usage had increased dramatically one month we made sure that they were alerted immediately.

An increase in water usage can be caused by a number of things, such as a burst pipe or increased production, that’s why we asked Hope Construction Materials (now part of Breedon Group) to monitor their water consumption overnight. After carrying out this test they found that the site was using water when it shouldn’t be. We checked the numbers and confirmed that there was a large leak somewhere in the quarry.

We dispatched a find and fix team to the quarry to locate the leak. It took a while to find due to the size of the site, but eventually it was discovered on the side of a cliff in the quarry. The location of the leak was causing a health and safety risk so it was vital that it was repaired immediately.

The repair itself proved to be a challenge as a result of its location; our team had to use specialist equipment to carry out the complex repair safely. Following the successful repair of the leak Hope Construction Materials (now part of Breedon Group) saw their water usage drop back to normal levels and removed a potential health and safety risk from the site.

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