Switching water retailer

Did you know that the water market is changing? In April 2017 the water market in England will be deregulated and opened up to competition. For the first time ever businesses will be able to choose their water retailer.

Certain businesses in England and Wales can already pick their water retailer; however in England they need to use more than 5,000m3 water per year, in Wales this increases to 50,000m3, and in Scotland all non-household customers can already select their water retailer following a similar deregulation of the water market in 2008. From April 2017 all eligible businesses in England will be able to choose their water retailer.

So what benefits are there to switching water retailers? By selecting one water retailer businesses with sites located around the country will be able to consolidate their water bills, reducing admin and creating savings. It also means that they will have one point of contact for all of their water needs. Through careful selection of a water partner that compliments their needs businesses could reduce their water bill and save money, benefit from improved customer service and receive helpful advice.

We know that avoiding disruption is crucial for you, that’s why we make the switching process quick and easy. If you’d like to find out more about switching your water retailer please get in touch.

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How can we make water work for you?

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