Think you have a leak?

Water is delivered to homes and businesses in the UK through thousands of miles of underground pipes, but sometimes these pipes leak and water is lost.  From the 341,674km of water pipes (mains) in the UK there’s 3,087 million litres of water leaked each day – that’s 1,235 Olympic swimming pools every day!

But why do leaks happen?

Some leakage will always be inevitable because water pipes eventually wear out due to age or corrosion, they can also be damaged by freezing weather, ground movements and the weight of traffic on the roads.

Water companies take leakage seriously and spend millions every year repairing leaks and old pipes. But water companies are only responsible for the main water pipes. Home and business owners are responsible for the maintenance of the water supply pipe that runs from the street, normally from the water meter, into their property.

So what do you do if you think you have a leak on your property?

Some leaks are immediately obvious (like a dripping tap or overflowing cistern) but others can be more difficult to find. If you think you have a leak there are a number of things to try to determine where it is on your property such as carrying out a stop tap test to find out if the leak is internal or external as well as visually inspecting the area. Once you’ve identified roughly where the leak is and that it is on your property we recommend that you call either your water retailer or a WaterSafe certified plumber if it’s an internal leak.

At Three Sixty we offer our customers a ‘Find and Fix’ leakage service. Our expert team will detect, excavate and repair the leak during the same visit, ultimately saving our customers time and money, not to mention significantly reducing the amount of water leakage that could happen. Once the job has been completed we provide our customers with a detailed report explaining exactly what we’ve done.

How have we helped our customers?

Earlier this year we were contacted by a customer about a large leak they had discovered on their property. The problem was identified as a meter long split on a pipe which was losing in excess of 100 litres per minute – a significant amount of water! Our find and fix team cleared around the pipe, cut out the section that was split and replaced it with a length of new plastic pipe. The main was then recharged and the excavation was left safe for the customer to backfill. By finding and fixing the leak we saved our customer from losing 146m3 of water each day which was costing our customer £413 a day or £2,892 a month.

If you think you have a leak and are interested in our leakage detection services then please get in touch with us on 03456 789789.

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