Yorkshire Water Transfer Non-Household Retail Customers to Three Sixty

Yorkshire Water has today announced that when the new retail market opens in April next year, it will transfer all its non-household retail customers to its recently formed sister company Three Sixty.

Richard Flint, Chief Executive of Kelda Group and Yorkshire Water is pleased with the prospects for his customers, saying:

“Yorkshire Water believes the interests of its non-household customers in the new competitive retail market can best be served by transferring provision of their retail services to Yorkshire Water’s sister company Three Sixty. We are confident the great service and value that customers of Yorkshire Water have come to expect will continue to be delivered and improved upon by this arrangement. Three Sixty have already demonstrated their customer service credentials by providing retail services under contract to all of Yorkshire Water’s business customers since April ’16.”

Three Sixty, like Yorkshire Water is part of the Kelda Group and has been formed to combine the activities of Yorkshire Water’s existing retail division with its out of area retail business KWS Retail. The new business has been designed to meet the specific needs of business customers in preparation for full competition in the water retail market in 2017 and will be able to provide a single nationwide retail service to all of its customers.

Around 130,000 non-household Yorkshire Water customers will be seamlessly transferred over to Three Sixty as the market opens, whilst Yorkshire Water will continue to have responsibility for the water and waste water treatment and network functions across Yorkshire as well as continuing to provide retail services to its 2.2 million households.

Yorkshire Water business customers do not need to take any action at this stage, as the benefits and opportunities presented by this change will be communicated to them directly over the coming months.

Robert Marrill, Managing Director of Three Sixty, said: “We are delighted Yorkshire Water has selected Three Sixty as their retailer of choice for the Yorkshire region’s non household customers. Our business is centred on adding value and helping businesses make water work for them, as seamlessly and cost effectively as possible.”

“In developing Three Sixty, we have taken the attributes that made Yorkshire Water’s non household water business work well for its customers and applied them to the new company, putting the customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do. Like Yorkshire Water, Three Sixty will be easy and straight forward to work with and we will ensure a seamless and smooth transition for customers.”

Richard Flint added: “We recognised that a fresh approach was needed to build on past successes and deliver the needs of business customers in a totally new retail water market. This is what we have with the transfer of these activities to Three Sixty; a business specifically developed to meet the needs of business customers nationwide, but created from the very foundation and roots of the Kelda Group. The changes in the water market provide Three Sixty with the opportunity to become a truly innovative water retailer, and allow Yorkshire Water to focus on delivering our strategic business objectives and successful outcomes around the 26 performance commitments we have made to our customers”

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